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Hi I’m Patrick O’Donnell and I live in Norwood, Mass.  I’m a recent graduate of the Digital Media Filmmaking program at  Endicott College. I did three internships during my time at Endicott and through those experiences I learned different parts of production and social media. The three internships were all different and through them I learned more about different areas in which digital media/filmmaking can be used.

One internship was with a plumbing company and I worked with their media department.  I worked on updating their Facebook page which was a different experience for me.

Up until this point I had done more with filming.


I have always enjoyed sports and I love to film games. For four years at Endicott I have helped out filming different sporting events.  I have enjoyed helping out with anything that involves TV production. I have been part of ECTV during my time at Endicott as well. With other students we worked together to produce an informative news show about things going on at the college.

Through all these experiences I feel as though my favorite thing to do is film sporting events. I played sports as a kid and I love to watch all different types of sports whether it's at home on TV, at a stadium or park or behind the lens of a camera at an Endicott game.

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